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Automation wiping production machine TW3-20FA

The Automated wiping machine for Self-cleaning glass processing is developed by Transtech Technology with innovated engineering solutions. This innovation not only improve the production efficiency, but also reduce the cost of labor. We offer professional solutions for Glass Processing industry and shower room

industry with high quality but less production inputs.

  • Convey speed
    0.75-3.5 m/min
  • Wiping speed
    (With SmartGuardTM)
  • Max thickness of glass
    4-12 mm
  • Volume of liquid container
    2 L/div>
  • Diameter of wiping disc
    200 mm
Wiping line display and workshop 5S quality management
  • Easy-to-operate control panel, and all the operating setting can be inputted on the touch-screen.
  • Inspect the size of processing glass automatically, the wiping process is driven by the 3-axial servo motor, which can make sure the nano coating adhere on the glass surface evenly.
  • New design bevel gear which ensure the machine be driven smoothly.
  • Unique design of conveyor belt, which can ensure the stability of wiping technology and production efficiency. The wiping speed can reach 20-25sec/m2 (with Smartguard).
  • Unique pneumatic liquid providing system, which can control the coating volume of the easy-clean chemical.
  • Modularized equipment can be customized according to various glass processing requirement.
  • Stylish painting sheet metal.
  • Care-free after-sales service.