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Easy And Effiecint To Clean The Cernamic Roller Of Termpering Furnace

Roller cleaning equipment for tempering furnace


This equipment is specially designed for the cleaning and polishing of the ceramic roller of the tempering furnace. It can completely remove any contaminants, such as glass, SO2 residues, etc. In the process of cleaning and polishing, special tools are used to protect the integrity of the ceramic roller surface, and increase the brightness and gloss, to achieve high quality and performance of glass tempering. The use of the equipment can greatly save the labor cost of the deep-processing glass factory for this cleaning work and shorten the stop time of the tempering furnace. It can be said to be a revolutionary machine.
The main technical features
The use of the machine can greatly lower the labor cost of the deep processing glass factory for the cleaning work and reduce the downtime of the tempering furnace equipment. It is a revolutionary machine.
Compared with traditional hand-cleaning ceramic rollers
Fast Expandable Module
Fast connection design for the different widths of furnaces